The Benefits of KoR Tooth Whitening

The Benefits of KoR Tooth Whitening

Edmonton dentist Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko uses the KoR Deep Bleaching system with all of her patients desiring tooth whitening procedures. After working with several other whitening systems throughout her career, Dr. Fialka-Eshenko has found that the KoR Deep Bleaching system most consistently achieves the exceptional results her patients deserve.

About the KoR Deep Bleaching System

While most professional-grade tooth whitening products achieve effective results brightening teeth discolored by surface stains, these products have always fallen short when it comes to addressing deep interior stains such as those caused by tetracycline use as a child. The KoR Deep Bleaching system is the first and only tooth whitening product which can effectively brighten chemically stained teeth.

The KoR system uses special custom-fit bleaching trays which seal the whitening gel inside of the tray and prevent saliva from interacting with the gel. This ensures that you will maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. When saliva interacts with the whitening gel, it can adversely impact your results by destroying the peroxide responsible for brightening your teeth. Many other tooth whitening products will only be effective for about a half hour before saliva begins to degrade its potency. But with the KoR system, the whitening gel remains at peak potency for as long as six hours. This is particularly important for KoR at-home treatments, which enable you to achieve optimal results throughout the entire night.

Another important difference between the KoR Deep Bleaching system and other tooth whitening products is that the KoR system does not use a bleaching light. This ensures maximum comfort since clinical research has found that many bleaching lights actually increase the sensitivity experienced due to whitening gels. In fact, KoR is the only system that includes a desensitizing agent in their tooth whitening protocol to help minimize any possible tooth sensitivity related to whitening.

Benefits of KoR Deep Bleaching System

The KoR Deep Bleaching system provides you with several important benefits:

  • Available as both an in-office or at-home treatment, allowing you to choose the option which best fits your needs
  • Chipped, cracked, or gapped teeth
  • Can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades
  • Only tooth whitening system proven effective against tetracycline stains
  • Minimizes tooth sensitivity because it is the only system that includes a desensitizing agent in the tooth whitening protocol
  • Comfortable and completely safe for your teeth and gums
  • Long-lasting results
  • Consistently achieves beautiful, natural looking results
  • No need to give up your favorite drinks such as coffee, tea, or red wine as long as whitening is maintained as prescribed by Dr. Fialka-Eshenko and her team
  • Effective for patients between the ages of 14 and 90

The results of a bright and dazzling smile do not come overnight. Bright white smiles require time and dedicated efforts to get the smile you desire. Proactive measures and continued maintenance are the keys to ensuring that you keep your smile its brightest.

Please contact us today to schedule your initial tooth whitening consultation. Dr. Christine Fialka-Eshenko serves patients in Edmonton, Alberta.

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